The “Drawer”


This is Hannah’s “diabetes drawer.” We decided she needed to keep her stuff in her room, out of the reach of curious hands. So far she’s got some protein snacks, her insulin pen, a monitor and a back up monitor. We’ll be adding another insulin pen (I hope, anyway. Not real interested in dealing with syringes and such for her Regular insulin), and perhaps a juice box in case of a low reaction.

Day 2 of diabetes today. I was supposed to take a fetal monitoring class today at work. But I called and asked to postpone until the next time it’s offered. I was in a fairly frantic state and the idea of being stuck in a class was just too much. I was expecting a phone call from Dr. Guthrie’s office to schedule her appointment with the diabetes clinic. She just started insulin last night and I worried that she could possibly have a low reaction and I’d be unavailable. I worried that any number of things could happen and I felt I needed to be available for the day, just in case. Thankfully, my boss totally understood and encouraged me to stay home and take care of my kid. I love my job.

I wasn’t sure how quickly the clinic was going to be able to schedule Hannah, and I was concerned about all these supplies that we don’t have. So, I called Dr. X (our family practice doctor, who we met for the very first time yesterday, so I’m not at all committed to him), first to get her lab results, and second to have them call in an Rx in for those supplies. No answer. I left a message with the nurse. I hadn’t heard anything by noon. No worries. Maybe they were waiting until labs were in. I decided to call Dr. Guthrie’s office to get her appt. scheduled. Well, they had not received the referral. She told me she would call Dr. X and get it. Three hours later, nothing. So, I called Dr. Guthrie back. STILL no referral paperwork. I decided to go get it myself. So, I hopped in the van, headed out. The office is about 20-25 min. away, depending on traffic. I was actually at the intersection where the office was located when Dr. X called me personally. He gave me the labs. A1C was 16 and blood glucose was 632, by the way. He went on to say how serious these numbers are. I said, “I know. This is serious. So I’m wondering why her referral hasn’t been sent yet.” I explained that I had called twice and they did not have it. He told he it was sent, things happen, faxes have to go through several hands, blah blah blah. But is was certainly sent this morning. I said he needed to check with his office staff because I was calling Dr. Guthrie back right now. I called. After being put on hold for a few minutes, the lady in charge of handling referrals came on the phone. I had talked to her when I first called around 1. She told me she had just received the paperwork. She looked at the time stamp (perhaps Dr. X forgot that fax machines time and date things?). It was sent at 3:59. He’d called me at 4:10 claiming that he didn’t know what the deal was because he filled it out this morning. He offered to call them himself to find out where the paperwork was. So lame. A much better response would have been, “I’m so sorry. I filled it out this morning, but they got busy in the office and it just got sent 10 min. ago.” Or perhaps he didn’t realize this. So how about, “I’m so sorry. I filled it out this morning and expected it to be sent right away. Let me check with my staff and find out what happened. I’ll put you on hold and find out right away.” Either of those things would have restored my confidence in him as a doctor. Instead, he tried to lay blame with the diabetes clinic. Not cool. I work in medicine. We are all human. Things happen. I get that. But if I can’t trust a doctor to own up to mistakes by either him or his staff, then I can’t trust him to take care of my kids. So, back to the hunt to find a doctor.

By the way, the diabetes clinic sees the need for an immediate appt. just as strongly as I do. So, they got us squeezed in for tomorrow morning first thing at 8:30.