My “Sweet” Hannah

hannahSeveral weeks ago, Hannah came to me and told me she thinks she has diabetes. I asked her why she thought that. Well, she’d had some symptoms and consulted Dr. Internet and this is what she came up with. I asked what symptoms. She’s peeing all the time, has extreme thirst and is always tired. Being the kind of mom I am, who likes to live happily in the land of denial, I thought, yeah right (seriously! Isn’t hemophilia enough????). But, for her peace of mind, I told her I’d make her an appt. That took me a while. We are new to Wichita, don’t have a doctor yet. I had to do my due diligence and ask everyone I could to find out what doctors were the best for our family. Fast forward to last week. I made the appt. and today we went. Side note; when I called to make the appt., the lady asked me what we needed to be seen for. “Well,” I said, “My daughter searched the internet and she thinks she has diabetes.” The woman laughed. Said, “I hate the internet.” I laughed with her. I didn’t laugh for very long.

The first thing she did was pee in a cup. Because, despite a well rendered song on Scrubs the Musical, it’s not always in the poo. Sometimes, it’s in the pee. Nurse left. Doc came in. He started asking more history questions. Nothing to cause suspicion. Then he just causally dropped the bomb. “Well, you do have glucose and ketones in your urine.” I knew. He said we would do a blood sugar and hgb A1C, but I didn’t need that. I knew.

Nurse comes back. Draws blood. A while later, Doc comes back. “We know her blood sugar is at least 444. But that’s as high as our machine reads.” Diabetes confirmed.

I was ok in the office. Held it together. Stopped at Dillon’s to get some groceries for dinner. Happened to see a Diabetic Cooking magazine. Picked that up. $10. Is everything diabetes related this expensive? Sigh.

Headed to Walgreen’s to pick up her prescriptions. I wasn’t even sure what I was picking up. It was a meter and a second vial of her insulin. I mentioned to the pharmacy tech that we were brand new, just diagnosed a couple of hours ago. He then started bomb barding me with questions. Do you have test strips? How about lancets? You’ll need needles for your insulin pen, too. Um….what? Ok. It’s covered nicely by your insurance, he tells me, but Doc didn’t call in a script for those things. Sigh. At that point, I began to feel over whelmed. I’ve been teary for the last hour or so. And the best thing for that? Chop some onions. At least then I’ve got a cover.

So, our journey begins.